Objectives of the Store Function

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Objectives of the Store Function

Objectives of the Store Function

A store is intended to assist in the production of goods or services and no industrial unit of any significant size can be efficiently managed without it.

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The basic objective is to provide a service to the operating functions and this aspect of service must be fully appreciated. All the other functions, although they have their own importance are subordinate to this main responsibility of service.
The service rendered by a store can be categorised into four broad divisions:
1. To make available a balanced flow of raw material, component, tool, equipment and any other materials necessary to meet operational requirements.
2. To provide maintenance materials, spare parts and general stores as required.
3. To receive and dispatch finished products.
4. To accept and store scrap and other discarded Merchandise as they arise and also arrange for their disposal.

Responsibilities of a store are listed as:

1. Identification of all Merchandise stored
2. Receipt of incoming Merchandise
3. Inspection of all receipts from vendors and subcontractors.
4. Storage and reservations.
5. Merchandise handling
6. Packaging
7. Issue of merchandise to users within the organisation
8. Processing of customer order
9. Dispatch of Merchandise
10. Maintenance of Merchandise records
11. stores accounting
12. Inventory control
13. Submission of Management Information Reports