Store Operations

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Store Operations

Family Mart’s focus on SQ&C (service, quality and cleanliness) and accuracy of ordering are designed to make shopping at our stores a truly enjoyable experience every time. The driving forces for the creation of the right shopping environment are our Store Staff Total (SST) system for staff training, and our “new store management system.”

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Keystone of Family Mart Store Operation

Thorough attention to SQ&C: The SQ&C credo for Family Mart store operation underpins the creation of shopping spaces that support our customers: At Family Mart, franchisees, store staff and employees of the Company work together to ensure rigorous fulfilment of SQ&C requirements, to make our stores as welcoming as possible.

SQ&C: 13-point checklist

1. Always greet the customer when he/she enters or leaves
2. Greet the customer at the till and Ask if the customer has a Card
3. Attend to the customer promptly
4. Hand over the change and receipt
5. Arrange products neatly
6. Make sure product packages are displayed front-first
7. Keep magazines and gondola displays tidy
8. Ensure sell-by dates are kept
9. Keep the store entrance and forecourt (inc. parking space) clean
10. Clean out bins and dispose of garbage
11. Clean the floor
12. Clean gondola shelving and products
13. Tidy and clean up around the counter

Increased Accuracy of Ordering

The most important thing in convenience store operation is stocking products that customers want to buy and ensuring the lineup of the best-selling products is complete. We aim to minimise the ratio of defective items and lost sales opportunities through appropriate apportionment of order placement tasks. Do not always manage products by category, but order items one by one, so we can fully understand and manage sales trends. Increased accuracy of ordering creating attractive Cleaning down to the last speck of dirt. Apportionment of order placement tasks Order placement tasks is allocated not only by store managers and other senior staff but also ordinary store staff.